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Gestural Slider SG-16 v1.0

Gestural Slider SG-16 v1.0

Gestural Slider definition

A slider is a device shaped mouse pad, forming a rigid tablet; which shifts images, transparencies, pages and any content in a media list item. Currently the mouse or finger on touch screens, are used for moving items.

A Gestural Slider is a device that performs the same previous functionality, but without touching anything, doing natural, simple and defined hand movements on the device. Gestural Slider devices can control PC’s, laptop, smart phones and tablets.

With the gesture technology you can control equipment such as TV, appliances, toys, alarm systems, video games, … and all with the same gestures, thanks to the AHS Spanish company patented technology  called G-Device Technology (Standard Gestural Device)

Where you can connect and how?

The Slider carries a USB connector type micro-B  and it connects with the supplied cable to:


• A Personal/Laptop Computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS.


• A smart phone or tablet with Android, iOS or Windows Mobile operating system. For this connection an adapter cable USB OTG, not supplied in the product is needed. This cable can be seen in the image below:


The following link is an example of adapter, which can be purchased on ebay for less than 1€, postage included. New Micro USB OTG Cable Adapter Android Male 5-pin to USB Female Connector


The Slider detected 7 different hand movements on its surface. These movements are characterized by the speed and direction thereof. These movements, which form the G- Device standard are as follows :
Presence of hand: Enable/Disable power-saving mode
Moving from top to bottom. Control quick access. Equivalent to “Enter”. Validates options.
Moving from bottom to top. Control quick access. Enables/mutes the sound.
Moving from left to right. Media control. Multimedia item forward.
Moving from right to left. Media control. Multimedia item back.
Rotating the hand in the direction of clockwise. It controls volume increasing it.
Rotating the hand in the opposite direction of clockwise. It controls volume lowering it.
Double tap on center of the tablet. Equivalent to ” ESC”. Firmware update.


Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions Length x Width x Thickness: 3.5mm and maximum 170x110x 170x110x 5.8mm.
  • Weight: 87grs.
  • Model: SG-16 firmware version v1.0.
  • 3-year full warranty. If it does not work for reasons of Slider, we exchange it for a new one.
  • Outwardly robust in poly leather and threads and double stitched and internally in fiberglass manufacture 1.6mm thick.
  • Leather color and thread configurable by the customer, within a range of 4 colors of leather and 8 colors of thread.
  • Withstands bumps, drops and spills of liquid surface.
  • Lightweight and easily transportable design.
  • No need or require drivers. PCs, smart phones and tablets automatically detect it.
  • It runs on Windows operating systems, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS and Windows Mobile.
  • Firmware update. Entry into this mode with 5 double taps on the center of the Slider.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Patented Technology.
  • It allows controlled by gestures:
    • Sound. Volume and mute on/off.
    • Exit / Run applications options.
    • Play / Pause songs and videos.
    • Forwards / Backwards track songs and videos.
    • Forwards / Backwards photos, PowerPoint slides, eBooks, PDF files, …
  • Micro energy consumption with automatic power saving after 5 seconds of inactivity.
  • Standard G-Device. How the Slider operate, the appliances and consumer electronics of your home and your car operating, for example.
  • By tricolor light signaling functions and status of the slider.
  • Custom screen printing for customers through a surcharge of 2.99 €.
  • Custom screen printing free for Business.

Marketing options

This product is marketed to consumers and businesses currently using the Internet. It is not available in stores. Both options have their peculiarities. Let’s see them :

Are you a teacher, commercial, medical, which used to make presentations?, Are you a fan of technology and want to control your multimedia environment without touching anything?, Do you have visual problems and/or cognitive impairments that prevent you interact with machines? Or just interested in making a gift to that special person.
Through our eBay store you can buy it at a special price and get it directly to your home.

Access Technology AHS Shop on eBay. Currently the shop is closed. In opening negotiations!

Purchase via Web. Fill out the contact form with your preferences and we will contact you.

Remember indicate the leather color:


Also the color of the thread:


And if you want an image or logo (additional cost of 2.99 €) silkscreen on the leather of a maximum size of 1650×830 pixels or 14x7cm. The pink area of ​​the image is silkscreen area available:


Every company should use their professional and provide to them a Slider for the presentations he makes. To give a good brand image and innovative company.
At fairs you can gift a Slider, since customers will use. Gift useful and much advertising value.
A gift for a VIP customer, who will never leave unhappy. He will see that your company is always innovation.
Incentives to customers for volume orders. Encourages minimum sales volumes.


Through our website you can purchase at a special price.

Purchase via Web. Fill out the contact form with your preferences and we will contact you.
Specify when ordering leather color, thread color and screen printing / logo (free cost ) as previously explained in the case of a user.

Introductory 2016 prices (it have applied a 15% discount)


Package Contents

• 1x Gestural Slider.
• 1x USB cable type A. For connection with PC/Laptop Windows, Linux or Mac.
• 1x Full 3 year Warranty Card.
• 1x User Manual.

Product Video

See the Slider up on our YouTube channel. You will appreciate how it is used and how it works.

Slider video on our YouTube channelAvailable soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Videos of gestural Technology

Please, see while we update the video of the Slider, the fully operational technology on our YouTube channel. You will appreciate how it is used and how it works.

Videos of Gestural Technology active in our YouTube channel.

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