Differentiation and segmentationdiferenciacion

For us, innovation is the differentiation.

  • We have the strategy to separate or distinguish the offer of the company itself from other competing in the market.
  • With segmentation, however, subdivided the actual and potential enterprise customers in homogeneous groups.

What is our differentiation?

  • We deliver a fully installed, maintained and managed by us throughout the life of the equipment Industrial product. Some 20 years.
  • There is no market a team like UGA
  • We advise the client and give the product according to your needs.
  • We manage administrative documents, in case of sale of energy.
  • We give a complete guarantee of eight years (displacement, labor and parts included).
  • We make renting with the client if you want to buy it at first. So give everyone access to power almost zero cost.
  • If not satisfied for a year, we withdrew the team and canceled lease / loan that had at that time.
  • Experience in designing 1.5MW turbines.