About Us

We are a Manufacturer of Power Components for use only in generation of renewable energy such as wind farms, solar farms, hydroelectric plants and automotive. We are also manufacturers of electronic telecommunications, control and multimedia technologies. Our technological main objectives are:

  • Develop technology for Electric Power Generation, to sell to manufacturers of such equipment.
  • Develop technology for Self-Consumption and / or Electricity generation at household level, for private use and sale to companies supplying electricity, thus providing everyone a bit, get in the future to meet all energy needs demanded by a country.
  • Develop technology to industry Lifts, in which recover energy in various ways, either by moving the elevator self-regenerating energy, among others. We will be the first to manufacture solar Elevator.
  • Develop technology for the automotive industry.
  • Develop technology to the field of renewable energies. Develop protocols and systems for telecommunications and multimedia from renewable energy components.

The main commitments are and always on this line as follows:

  • Helping manufacturers only and only if renewable energy generation comes with technological development to lower the manufacturing costs of their electric generators.
  • Bring the cost of electricity at no cost to household energy.
  • Promoting friendly equipment environment, to prevent climate change, an example of this is the entry into the automotive industry for the manufacture of electric cars and power generation systems with storage batteries to charge by the night in
  • The electrical energy is a right for everyone, because it comes from the Sun, and this we free delivery. So, everyone must have access to and availability of electrical always free.