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Gestural Slider SG-16 v1.0

Gestural Slider definition

A slider is a device shaped mouse pad, forming a rigid tablet; which shifts images, transparencies, pages and any content in a media list item. Currently the mouse or finger on touch screens, are used for moving items.

A Gestural Slider is a device that performs the same previous functionality, but without touching anything, doing natural, simple and defined hand movements on the device. Gestural Slider devices can control PC’s, laptop, smart phones and tablets.

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Operation gesture technology . Simulation controlling a Glass ceramic/Induction hob

In previous post we have met the new gesture technology . But how does it really work?, Is it possible to see it already in operation?. The following video is a simulation of Simulator of Glass ceramic/Induction hob with Gesture control developed by AHS Technology. It shows the movements of the mouse ( yesssss, the mouse is also gestural ;-)) emulating up various functions of this would be controlled. The moves are standard and they are the same for any household new gestural device. Put video  in full screen to better enjoy the HD experience.

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Note 1: The functionality of the hob is theoretical and may result in practice resulting from different specifications or design changes.

Note 2: The video hand gestural rectangular area represents our hand making those movements in the air without touching anything absolutely. In the video you can see in detail the accuracy of this patented technology and we are beginning to market. If you are interested in applying this technology to control your device and you are manufacturer, please contact us. https://redsolar.es/en/contactar/

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Introductory gesture technology

The first control device of a machine from the point of view of the machine-man interaction HMI was the switch and buttons , for example to turn on/off the machine, activate a light, a movement or a particular function. Technology evolved and the same functions were replaced by touch technology in which touching a surface in a given position, were made including, the same functions described above.

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The gestural interaction is coming

From now control your devices and appliances gestural manner. AHS Technology is developing standard global control. Do you want to add a gestural interface to your device? Are you the manufacturer and you do not know how? We will develop it and fully implemented and embedded in your application. In this category we discuss current developments and applications. Please subscribe for stay up!

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